Stephanie Boozer

Senior Associate

Stephanie has over 20 years of freelance writing and editorial experience working with a broad range of clients, in just about all aspects of publication and community development. For Engage, Stephanie manages online content and social media strategy for a global technology user group. She also regularly contributes profiles and features to Professional Photographer and Click magazines, and her corporate marketing, copywriting and editing clients range from well-known names like Canon, Nikon, and Adobe to individual artists, real estate development companies, and small businesses in their print and online ad and marketing campaigns. Stephanie also has experience ghostwriting books, helping authors organize and tell their stories while remaining true to their own voices. Previous to her editorial career, Stephanie spent time in the technology sector, first in IT with British Telecom, then in client WAN management with Hewlett-Packard. An Atlanta native, Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Georgia State University, as well as a background in photography.