Our focus is mission-driven initiatives for philanthropy, advocacy and business. We bring a tested approach to our work: Senior talent is in charge and involved day-to-day on every engagement. We work hard to understand our clients and their goals. The deliverables and work plan are clear.  We respect the time, resources and reputation our clients have invested in their business and cause.  We execute as promised, from beginning to end. 

Policy Due Diligence

Whether you are in philanthropy, advocacy or business, we conduct thorough research, stakeholder surveys and provide contextual analysis to help you invest smartly in federal and state policy change.  

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Before you invest your organization’s time, money and name, do your due diligence with sound research and orderly planning. We help define your goals, set timelines and establish benchmarks.

Program and Enterprise Evaluation

Improve on past performance by thoroughly evaluating what worked and what didn’t. We help you assess campaigns and investments and identify the best practices in your field.


We help you manage a community, association or coalition, including governance, leadership development, online communities and day-to-day operations. When the operations run smoothly, leadership can focus on the mission and growth. 

Launch and Transition

We help build and manage communities and coalitions as they evolve, helping leadership stay connected, informed and empowered to act. From launch to merger and reorganization, we can help guide you through transition.

Meetings and Events

Even in today’s virtualized world, nothing can substitute for a productive, face-to-face meeting. We can help. We map out content, audience, agenda, materials, and speakers, and provide facilitation and follow up.